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DR Horton Secret Agent Realtor Incentive Program

Discipline | Print Collateral

Client: DR Horton

The secret agent program consisted of print collateral and a website to drive the realtors to the developments. See the website here.

Sales packets were mailed to all area realtors with contest rules and instructions to visit a DR Horton sales center. At each center, the agents would be required to view the home models and get their passports stamped.

Each month, a new mailer would be mailed highlighting home plans and instruction to visit the next sales center.

Prizes were awarded based on the number of stamps accumulated...the more stamps, the bigger the prize. The program encouraged agents to become more familiar with DR Horton's neighborhoods and thus made the home selling process easier.

At the end of the contest, an event was held to award prizes and thank all who had particpated. The program was highly successful and ran in three markets.