The Citadel
“I have always been extremely impressed with both the quality and creativity of Dale's work. He and his team quickly came to understand the unique mission, vision, and values of The Citadel, and began building a library of concepts and images to draw upon for inspiration for new projects. In addition to their creativity, the artists at Cognetix are extremely friendly and easy to work with, eager to accept feedback and always willing to reevaluate ideas that don't exactly suit our needs. This ongoing relationship has saved us enormous amounts of time.”
Jarret Sonta - The Citadel Foundation

ATC Group
“Cognetix played an integral role in the development and launch of Scoolers which has been positively received in the marketplace. And their creative insight and execution combined with their attention to detail has helped ATC Group succeed with several of its major customers. They are a true extension of our marketing team.”
Drew Tombs - Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ATC Group

The Citadel
“May I just say in my most sophisticated manner, damn you are good.”
Suzi Raiford - Director, Citadel Education Fund

Hibben at Belle Hall
“Cognetix has been instrumental in our marketing efforts, and have been the driving force in our creation of a brand for Hibben. I can't say enough how important an 'all inclusive' firm like Cognetix is to our business.”
Will Dammeyer - Director of Sales and Marketing, Hibben at Belle Hall

Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center
“Jeff is an example of how one individual can truly make a difference in the success of a nonprofit organization and more importantly, the lives of children who are victims of abuse. He is not just integral to the success of DNLCC’s public awareness campaign; he is the driving force behind it.”
Jessica Mello - Community Outreach Coordinator, Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center

Summerville Homes
“The campaign has not only met our overall marketing goals, it has energized our company. Our website traffic was up 82%, which we attribute directly to our marketing plan with Cognetix.”
Cheryl Smithem – VP Marketing, Summerville Homes

A/P Recovery
“I wanted to write this letter to express our gratitude for a job well done - or, for that matter, many jobs well done.”
Sue Brush – A/P Recovery

Bauer International
“Their ability to translate our marketing message and craft our complete branding and advertising campaign is second to none.”
Ken Bauer – President, Bauer International

DR Horton Homes
“From brochures to sales center graphics, Cognetix has become an invaluable member of our regional marketing team. They even work weekends.”
Diane Hough – DR Horton Homes

D.R. Horton Charleston
"Cognetix has helped our division create an advertising and marketing strategy that is tailored to reach our target market through the most direct and effective methods.The work that Cognetix does is comparable to any large firm, but unlike a large national firm, Cognetix is small enough to handle each client with the care that they deserve. Each member of Cognetix is dedicated to making our business better, and having such a talented group of professionals in your corner is a sure fire way to success."
Melanie Hemingway - D.R. Horton Charleston

Just Fresh
“Thanks for all you do. I mean it. The turn around time you have been able to give me does not go unnoticed. Such fantastic customer service is a rarity these days. I can't thank you enough.”
Frannie Bramlet – Just Fresh

Charlestowne Hotels
“We needed a firm that could design not only to a corporate audience, but also to
our tourism market. Cognetix has not only met the challenge, but they’ve come
in on-budget and on-time…”
Jeanette Miller – Charlestowne Hotels

Biometric Solutions Group
“Our industry is evolving and Cognetix is evolving with us. They constantly come to us with proactive ideas and innovative plans to position ourselves ahead of the competition”
Greg Yarus – Biometric Solutions Group

Amanda Dew Manning & Assoiciates
“Prior to hiring Cognetix, we had used a design firm based in Washington D.C. We have found Cognetix provides us with exceptional service and their creative has been equal or better than the big market designers we had used in the past.”
Amanda Dew Manning – Amanda Dew Manning Associates

The French Quarter Inn
“With very little direction, Cognetix has been able to truly capture the unique
flavor of our Hotel.”
Bernard Visscher – French Quarter Inn